Thanks viji…

Its my first blog on wordpress and its after a very lonnng time that i am writing….writing is something that i like lots.my mom writes excellently.its because of her that i developed a love for reading and writing..she was the one who told me to maintain a diary and write my ups and downs in that.writing is a good way to share thoughts,a vent out to my feelings and knowing more about the incidents i have experienced because as i write i tend to think about the incident in retrospect which teaches me a lot more about the incident—its different perspects,minor details i had missed etc., inspite of knowing all this somehow i become a bit lazy to come to the cyber and write.when i had started a blog in yahoo i used to write but then again things went wrong with my time and my PC..which took me away from writing on the net

      That day i read blog of my friend viju on wordpress.i just love to read her writing and when i read it,i feel all the more attracted to writing.

thanks to viju i have turned again to writing.so my first blog is obviously dedicated to her.this was for u viju.thanks